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"An overwhelming feeling of anxiety was how I felt before my first boudoir shoot. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off looking sexy enough. My bones stick out in weird places and I don’t have the right look in my eyes. When I pulled up to the barn it was intriguing and rustic. Tatiana waved me upstairs and that’s when my heart started racing. I walked into a gorgeous, rustic and quaint location.

Anxiety flipped to excitement and I couldn’t wait to get started. Posing seemed to come natural which was weird for me. I’m usually very uncoordinated. During the shoot I felt sexy, strong and comfortable in my own skin. After we were finished I put my sweat pants on, shook her hand and walked out the door. A couple days later I saw a preview of my pictures and started to cry.

I looked more beautiful then I ever could have imagined. The negative thoughts in my mind are gone. Replaced with pride and confidence. The pictures are a Christmas gift for my fiancé. I can’t wait to see his reaction to this gift. I enjoyed the experience so much that I jumped on the next chance I could to do another shoot.

This is something I plan on doing once a year not just for hubby but for myself as well."

Randi Swift

Ribbet collage.jpg

As a plus size female, I want other plus size women to see this, and know that not only smaller women can look amazing in these types of photos. I was nervous, I was not comfortable in my own skin. After the shoot and able to see the results, I look at myself in the mirror in a whole new perspective. I cannot express my gratefulness to Tatiana for helping me notice how beautiful I truly am, plus size or not.. I will forever recommend and rave about the amazing experience she gave me. 

Allison Robitaille


"A Boudoir shoot is something I feel every woman should experience in her lifetime. It is so freeing, uplifting and life changing. I had my first boudoir session years ago with Tatiana and I have to say I am obsessed! I have always been shy and to myself until I get to know you. I never liked getting my photos taken. Like everyone I had my flaws, I had an image of what I expected my body to look like and it took me a long time to accept my flaws. I decided I wanted to do something for me, I wanted to show myself just how beautiful and sexy i really was. Upon my search I came across Tatiana offering boudior shoots, I viewed her gallery and was beyond impressed! I messaged Tatiana right away, she was quick with her response and explained the process. We worked together to create my vision. Upon arriving to my photoshoot I was beyond nervous but also excited. Tatiana was so welcoming and made me feel right at home. I had my hair and makeup done. Talk about immediately feeling like a celebrity! I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin.. IN MY LIFE! By the end of my shoot I felt like this was something I was doing everyday, I was posing in ways I never would have imagined. Nothing could have prepared me for the viewing of my gallery. I was looking for the one that shows not only did I feel like a rock star, but I am a rock star in my own way. I instantly fell in love with every curve, dimple, and wrinkle I have. Thank you so much Tatiana for the stunning photos and an experience of a lifetime.

Tiffany Swinton

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

As one of the older woman who have had a boudoir photo shoot with Tatiana, I want to encourage women over the age of 40 to shed all those old ways you see yourself and embrace the body you have every day.

For those of you who are hesitant about doing a photo shoot, I am giving you my full disclosure with hopes it will inspire at least one of you.....I am 5' 3" and 217 lbs. I have a 12 inch scar down my belly and an 8 inch scar on my right knee. I have a massive varicose vein on my left leg. I have had surgery on my big toe nails. My bum is saggy and my boobs droop, I have rounded shoulders from tight chest muscles due to a medical condition. I have white hair at my temples. Every day my "wrinkles" seem deeper and my eye bags, baggier. I choose to believe what people are saying about my photos - that I am stunning, or gorgeous or smokin' hot, despite all that I see. I make that choice even though it's easier to believe what I see in the mirror every day. As I revealed my photos to my husband, I was overwhelmed with emotion - pride that I had the courage to do this, for him but more for me. Doing this was like renewing my vows. Not only my marriage vows but my vow to embrace my life with all its challenges and to learn to love the body I am in. I hope women will see my photos and believe that they too are beautiful, courageous and strong.

Marianne De Bretan-Berg

I have debated whether or not to post this for a bit now. I figured there is probably someone in my shoes who needs to hear how much they are worth because I needed to hear it and these photos made it loud and clear to me. 

These photos represent me and who I have become. Three years ago I lost myself when I lost my mother who was my best friend. I dealt with my feelings by indulging in food. It made me feel better when I didn't know how else to be happy. I felt like I was drowning and had no way out. One day I lost it and realized that I am the only person that can change the way my future is... the only person who can get myself out of the hole I am in is me. 

May 2019 I started a weight loss journey and to date I have lost 70lbs. Since the weight loss I have felt far from beautiful due to my stretch marks, rolls, lose skin and a belly. Now I see myself as someone who has lost close to half a person and am thriving more than ever. I have focused so much on a weightless but never focused on loving myself and this photo shoot was my starting point. 

These photos make me feel so beautiful and sexy. They show me what everyone else sees. Now let me talk about Tatiana Go! She is one amazing photographer. She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and made me feel beautiful. She captured the most beautiful aspects of me which I now have to remind me everyday of just how far I have come. Now LADIES if you have thought about doing a photo shoot DO IT! Tatiana is amazing and the photo shoot is so worth it!! Thank you again Tatiana, I appreciate these photos more than anything! - Kenzie C.

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