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I am in my 8th year of business I have decided to offer mentoring sessions. By no means do I think I am an expert in photography or business, I am however an open book and happy to share some of the tips and tricks I have found helpful in my career. It is super humbling to have other photographers reach out to me for advise, be able answer their questions and want to pick my brain. Here's a few options to work with me.


One on one mentoring is much more personal than a workshop and is really customized to what you want to focus on the most to improve upon your photography skills. I will base the day on the areas that you want to cover. The beauty of a 1:1 mentor session is that you dictate EXACTLY what you want to learn. 

Whether you're a beginner who needs help deciding which camera to buy to save time, effort and money OR you're an aspiring photographer willing to learn something new and take your skills to the next level, I'm here to help. 

$1000 includes up to 8 hours of my time, a model to work with, an assistant and these basic topics to discuss:

- gear

-manual settings




-creative vision

-editing workflow, LR and PS

-social media and SEO

-website critique

- and much more depending on your needs

-Tango Presets Bundle

There's an option to split 8hrs into two sessions to give you time to process the information and homework to work on. 50% deposit is required to book.


Please keep in mind, a male assistant may be present during our mentorship session. 1:1 mentoring is not available to photographers residing in within 100km of Barrie, ON or that are already teaching & mentoring. Attendees are prohibited from teaching or mentoring within 12 months of the workshop date. By signing up you must agree to these terms and conditions.


If you have a few question or one specific topic to work on, one hour might be enough to get answers. 

$200 per hour


Come see me in person while I shoot a client! You'll watch my posing workflow, lighting equipment if any, my favourite angles, interaction with a client, etc. I will spend 20-30 min with you after the shoot to show the sneak peeks right from my camera and answer any of your questions.

$100-300 per hour depending on location and time.


Let's book a studio together and shoot each other or a few models to get some fun creative content! Reach out if you have ideas in mind. All costs 50/50.

If you'd like to book me as a model for your portfolio, my rates start from $100/hr. TFP available with selected highly experienced photographers only, male assistant may be present for security purposes. My new modeling Instagram page is


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