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Before jumping into formal stuff, here's a few fun facts about me-

- I was born and raised in a strict religious family.

- I've never been drunk in my life. I do like some holiday drinks, champagne and wine on occasion.


- Since a very young age I had an imaginary camera in my eyes. To activate it I had to blink hard once I saw something I wanted to capture, then blink once again to stop recording if it was a video. All clips and photographs I had stored in my brain archives. Peers would make fun of me for weird blinking. I found so many cool things in every day life to capture! I wish I could restore all my imagination archives today!

- I've been a professional photographer since 2016 but my first paid wedding was shot back in 2005. My friends and family would ask to shoot their events because I had a creative vision and knew Photoshop quite well.

- I have always been a shy quiet girl, loved my own bubble and a small circle of close friends. I am still a classic introvert. I do like throwing a big party once in a while but then I need some time to myself to recover:) 

- I have deuteranomaly, red-green deficiency. It took me years to learn how to get the skin tones right. Take a look at my portfolio- would you tell I am colour blind?


One of my brides back in 2016 inquired for a few sexy pictures for her groom as a gift. I've never heard about boudoir at that time so I did my research and found out it wasn't popular at all. I was obsessed with the idea to bring the pinup style photography back. I just had my third child, was in my heaviest weight and I knew exactly how new moms feel. It is extremely important to love your body and feel comfortable in your own skin at any age and size, I wanted to bring my own confidence back along with other women too! I never had to market myself since then, my clients would constantly refer their sisters and girl friends to me for this empowering experience.



Showing women that they don`t have to live their life set by the standards of this world is so liberating. My goal is to show women they are gorgeous in every single stage of their life. New mom? Let me show you you still got it all! Getting married? Congrats, let`s make an amazing wedding gift! Just turned 30 or 60?! Let`s celebrate!

Your beauty and sensuality shouldn`t be defined by anyone but you. I promise to make you feel comfortable while posing you in the most flattering ways to provide you with photos you`ll love. Booking a session with me gives you an access to top quality products, a studio lingerie closet to choose from, professional makeup and hair per request, one on one consultation and direction throughout your session. Spoil yourself like never before!

I'll go above and beyond to help you find grace and strength in your body and mind.

It is my honor to get to work with you.


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